I need to save as much money as I can so I can move out of Seattle, where everything is overpriced.

I need to save as much money as I can so I can move out of Seattle, where everything is overpriced. What can I cook and prep for myself that is decently palatable but cheap, cheap, cheap? Give me some recipes, grocery lists, or tricks for saving money on food.

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  1. 1 month ago

    Beans and cornbread

  2. 1 month ago

    home made bread is pretty cheap.
    air popped popcorn can be a meal.
    I spray it with cooking spray and cover it in aspartame and chili powder.
    to make it a meal, just eat more of it.

    • 1 month ago

      >air popped popcorn can be a meal
      Maybe if you're a skeleton.

  3. 1 month ago

    Bean and cheese burritos.

  4. 1 month ago

    buy cheap vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage
    buy cheap greens like frozen peas and spinach
    buy cheap cuts of pork and whole chickens on sale
    buy cheap dry beans like lentils and beans
    buy cheap grains like bulgur or rice
    keep lard, bouillon, salt, pepper, sugar, flour, and yeast in your pantry.
    make your own bread

  5. 1 month ago

    You can damn near live completely off of potatos, man. Carbs, vites and minerals. Base your diet off of that.

  6. 1 month ago

    why are you in seattle

    • 1 month ago

      Don't ask, it's always a woman, don't open the wound

      • 1 month ago

        I'm pretty sure "women" from Seattle have to keep dilating their wound

    • 1 month ago

      You better not be voting left anymore after escaping that hell your politics created or we'll send you right back with permanent injuries added.

      I don't care about that I just want to move somewhere that my dollar counts for a little more

  7. 1 month ago

    Green salad (rucola is my fav may be expensive for you), kidney beans, cheap mozzarella, pickled jalapenos. Season like any other salad

  8. 1 month ago

    You cannot escape expense

  9. 1 month ago

    Cheap protein:
    Dry White beans
    Dry Kidney beans
    Dry lentils
    Some types of frozen fish
    Specials on minced meat etc.
    Sometimes, some canned fish is cheap, but bot always. Calculate grams of available protein per dollar when comparing your proteins to one another.

    Cheap veg:
    Beets (depending on season and where you are. I am not familiar with Washington state)
    Canned tomatoes

    Cheap carbs:
    Other tubers (depending on season and where you are) like: celeriac, parsnips, swedes etc.

    Cheap fats:
    Vegetable oil

    Must have spices/herbs:
    Salt (not really a spice but whatever)
    Dried ginger

    Cook fish, rice and some onion and veg.
    Cook egg, rice, and some veg.
    Cook bean stew and rice.
    Cook potato leek soup.
    Cook chili or vegetarian bean chili.
    Cook a farmer's omelette.

    Shouldn't be too hard to stick to those and buying stuff in bulk will make each serving cheaper.

    Protip: cook slightly less than what you usually make yourself (unless it would be a health issue for you, ofc) and split the food into two servings. Eat the first serving. After you finish the first serving wait 5-6 minutes, then serve yourself the second serving.

  10. 1 month ago

    You better not be voting left anymore after escaping that hell your politics created or we'll send you right back with permanent injuries added.

  11. 1 month ago

    Got to costco and get a 25# bag of rice, as many piles of ground beef you can afford and shop at Grocery Outlet or whatever the absolute cheapest grocery store near you is for vegetables/other stuff.

  12. 1 month ago

    Beans and weenies.

  13. 1 month ago

    where are you moving? im in spokane and it gets dark as frick by 5pm. Im in perpetual night.

    anyway, try getting ebt.
    stop eating out entirely
    stop drinking soda
    stop drinking juice
    learn how to make really good rice
    you can get a box of food from a food bank, and if there are multiple banks in your area, you can go several times depending on their monthly rules

    but yeah, get good at cooking rice and cooking lentils. always buy onion and sweet peppers.

    rice you can flavor with spices or stocks. I like better than boullion. you can finish rice with satay sauce or holsin sauce, if you want something a little eastern, or cook it with some onions and peppers for a little southern.

    lentils have a lot of variety. you can make a whole pot with boullion and either finish with coconut milk and indian spices like cinnemon with garam marsala and curry spice, or with heavy cream, some cheese, and satay. either one you can add potatos, kale, spinach, eat alone, pour over rice. tons of options with the same meal.

    Id also say learn to cook with potatoes and onions. learn how to turn potatoes into different things, and how to work with onions. onions will make everything more flavorful. you can turn caramelized onion into soup, eat it on bread, add it to lentils, whatever.

    learn to make a broccoli soup. panera style. soups last a while, especially for only a few people.

    once you can do a broccoli soup, try a chicken corn soup with a whole chicken purchased from the store

    after that, learn how to do a creamed spinach; and that will round out your basics.

    after that you can start adding meats. ground turkey can be cheap, but if you learn to cook without it you wont feel like you have to cook with it.

  14. 1 month ago

    quit smoking.

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