Tell me your favourite lentils recipes. I only know that one Rick Stein did.

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  1. 3 weeks ago
    The People's Poet

    What are you doing, Neil?
    To make a meal, Neil?
    From totalitarian vegetables.
    How much does it cost, Neil?

    • 3 weeks ago
  2. 3 weeks ago

    All the obvious stuff about curries and such aside, when I was a really young and poor one I'd use red lentils a thickener in stews and sauces. Pretty much boil them into a paste and add as needed.
    I sometimes like to throw a small handful of green lentils in with the rice when I cook a pot of that just to add some variety.
    If you have leftover cooked lentils you can also add them to dough when baking bread.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    Split Red Lentil Soup

    Add oil to pan, stir in lentils, add boiling water, boil for an hour, season.


    • 3 weeks ago

      >Add oil to pan, stir in lentils, add boiling water, boil for an hour, season.
      Add oil to pan, smoosh cooked lentils into patty form, fry in oil for 2 mins, flip, 2 more mins.

      Wada (vada)

  4. 3 weeks ago

    Liking The Young Ones is indeed like liking lentils - both are irredeemable garbage that I like to avoid.

    • 3 weeks ago

      in a pot fry a chopped onion in butter
      add some fresh green chilis and 3 or so tbsp of garlic ginger paste or finely chopped and grated garlic and ginger and saute a little longer
      then add tomato paste or a tomato grated thru a box shredder and a good amount of any decent masala, garam is fine but something with more color is best (ie: more tumeric or chili powder)
      add any variety of lentils and water, cook until lentils are done

      you and me
      gonna have a fight
      parking lot behind Quincy's in an hour

  5. 3 weeks ago

    Turkish Lentil soup:

    Heat 1/4 cup butter and fry 1 small onion until golden.
    Add 3 cloves of garlic, 2 Tbs tomato paste, 1 cup red lentils and 1 peeled, diced medium potato. Fry until lentils are slightly toasted.
    Add one quart of chicken stock.
    Simmer until everything is soft, then spice with 1 Tbs paprika, 1 tsp dried mint, 1/2 tsp black pepper.
    Optionally add a pinch of any Turkish spices like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, saffron, etc.
    Blend smooth with an immersion blender, and salt to taste.
    Serve with a slice of lemon.

    I also like to make this fresh Turkish flatbread to go with this soup that uses a tube of Pillsbury pizza crust (pic related).
    Roll it out onto a baking tray, dimple the top with fingers, and drizzle it with olive oil.
    Sprinkle it all over with sesame, poppy, cumin and nigella seeds, flaky salt, and black pepper.

    • 3 weeks ago

      >I also like to make this fresh Turkish flatbread to go with this soup that uses a tube of Pillsbury pizza crust
      but why use pizza dough when the dough is very easy to make yourself?

    • 3 weeks ago

      Came here to post this. The name is mercimek corbasi. The mint sounds weird but it really works if you add just enough.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    Slice some sausage, brown, add diced onions and carrots and sweat, add some garlic, thyme, parsley, salt and pepper, fill the pot with stock and lentils and let simmer until the lentils are tender.

  7. 3 weeks ago

    lentil, quinoa, spinach, onion, vinaigrette, tossed in a skillet into a hot wilted salad. add crumbled feta cheese and grilled chicken.

  8. 3 weeks ago

    Last Christmas I made a vegetarian version of a canadian tourtiere for my sister in law who's a vegetarian. I stead of the ground beef I used finely ground, sauted mushrooms and lentils and it turned out pretty good.

    • 3 weeks ago

      The very next day I gave it away

    • 3 weeks ago

      This looks great

      The very next day I gave it away


  9. 3 weeks ago

    Neal, Neil, orange peel.

  10. 3 weeks ago

    Dal is good but it's more work than a soup

  11. 3 weeks ago

    >lentils, onion, garlic, pork neck bones

    lived on that for 4 months during a tough time.
    learned to bake sourdough.

  12. 3 weeks ago

    Italian sausage lentil soup

  13. 3 weeks ago

    Dirty Mujadara

    >white rice
    >le puy Lentil máster race
    >frick ton of onions. Like 6-10+ onions per cup of lentil
    >ground beef or pork sausage
    >turmeric, CUMin, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, 1 cinnamon stick
    >serrano peppers
    >deglaze liquid like wine/stock

    Cut up onions anywhich way you want. Carmalize them while you do other stuff. Adding salt and some oil is OK but not necessary.

    Ground beef goes in cold pan. Slowly heat to seperate water and fat then char beef. Remove beef. Add rice to beef fat and give them color like for pilaf. Remove rice and add chopped peppers and cinnamon stick with some olive oil to activate them. Remove peppers/stick.

    Cook rice Chinese style via par boil then steam. Cook lentils normally. Once both are ready your onions should be too for next step.

    In the pan with olive oil and beef fat, increase heat until smoke point. Add onions and char them while adding spices, cinnamon stick, and peppers. Once charred remove from heat and throw out cinnamon stick and add in rice, lentils, beef. Mix then out on low for 15min so it all melds.

    Deglaze as you see fit. Keep in mind you want the carbon materials in the dish.

    Serve with flatbread/tortillas and some tzatziki sauce I don't recall the name of. I do sour cream, Cilantro, like juice, salt, pepper, raw grated onion/garlic.

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